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Daily Routine

Carefully planned routines ensure there is a familiar pattern to children’s daily experiences and, as a result, children feel secure and settle quickly, benefitting from the learning activities on offer. Far from a rigid timetable, our experienced team are guided by our children’s needs and interests.

Acorns has a warm feeling as soon as you walk in and our children are keen to self-register and get busy exploring the different learning activities on offer each day. Our youngest children, Red Acorns, are provided with firm foundations whilst Blue Acorns take the same themes and learning opportunities to a higher level. Although activities are planned to cover all areas of the EYFS curriculum for all age groups, our children’s ideas and interests spark learning we couldn’t imagine and we are keen to seize these learning opportunities as they arise.

We offer a rich range of play-based activities and real life experiences through which children learn about themselves, their friends and the world in which we all live. All children free-flow together to explore both classrooms and our outdoor provision, each of which is set up to offer different learning experiences. Through these opportunities, children also acquire strong communication skills and enjoy exploring and investigating alongside others, developing into motivated, confident and skilled learners, ready for their next stage of learning.